Our Services

Money Management


  • Managed Accounts*
  • Mutual Funds1
  • Brokerage Accounts1
  • Variable Annuities1
  • Fixed Income Solutions


Fee Based Financial Planning*


  • Planning* services are offered on a continuous basis. We spend time initially crystallizing goals & objectives. We then determine the location of our clients, that is, where they are in respect to where they would like to be, and we develop an action plan to bridge that gap. An actual plan is devised in the initial year, but revised plans are issued in all subsequent years to make sure that all planning strategies remain current and relevant.


Brokering of Financial Products


  • We offer highly rated products of New York Life, but also have contracts with many other companies to best meet our clients' needs in the areas of:


  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Fixed Annuities


This allows us to assist our clients best to meet their specific needs. Some of our clients are interested in only doing business with the best companies, while we have other clients who are only concerned with the best rate. We remain objective within this transaction sleeve of our firm.

1Securities offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC