Business Owners

Many of our clients are owners and executives of privately held companies both in Central New York and across the United States. We understand that our clients are very busy running successful businesses and spending as much time as they can with their families.  We find that about half of the people we meet have already begun to do some planning, and the other half have not done much planning at all. Many of our clients already have some good relationships with some good professionals, but for some reason some things are still open or not finalized. That is where we come in. We will help provide you with the information and the questions throughout our process to make educated decisions for your business and your family.





Business Owners:



  • Buy-Sell Funding


  • Deferred Compensation


  • Executive Bonus


  • Key Person Protection


  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction


  • Succession Planning


  • Employee Benefits


  • Cash on the Balance Sheet


  • Qualified Plan Funding:
    • SEPs
    • SIMPLEs
    • Keoghs
    • 401(k)s
    • Pensions