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For over 20 years we have been working with medical residents, fellows and attendings helping them Protect, Save and Invest for themselves and their families. As highly designated advisors, we value education as well servitude towards the medical community.

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As business owners ourselves, we appreciate the risk and time commitment it takes to own a business. We realize cash flow often gets redirected towards the business and the mindset is always growth. While you make sure this business operates effectively, we make sure everything is else taken care of.

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We sincerely appreciate being able to cater towards engineers. While we show concepts, it is the hard data that solidifies the plan. We really take the time to help our engineers determine their values and goals. After getting all the subjective and objective information we design the plan where the numbers fit perfectly.

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Financial Security in retirement is what we strive for 1st. Once that is handled, we discuss how to pass the most tax efficient way. We are big believers in making sure our clients distributions strategies assure they won’t outlive their assets and incorporating guarantees with asset management.

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We have our Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation to help raise money for non-profits. We work with both donors and non-profits in various areas such as Planned Giving Strategies. We take pride in working with like-minded individuals who wish to pass on wealth to not just their heirs but to charitable organizations.

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