Bryan Wyckoff, CFP®

Vice President

Bryan Wyckoff joined Crystal Clear Financial Group in the role of Vice President in order to provide executive leadership, business development, and client services to the firm.  As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Bryan has had to complete thousands of hours of professional experience related to the financial planning process, complete an educational curriculum which included 70 Principle Knowledge Topics, and pass a comprehensive 6-hour CFP® Certification Examination that tested his ability to apply financial planning knowledge in an integrated format, all prior to earning the right to use the CFP® certification marks.

Bryan enjoys working with clients in order to help design a personalized financial plan that focuses on the implementation of investment management and risk mitigation strategies.  Bryan has a passion for getting to know his clients and loves to work collaboratively with them, as well as with the other members of his team, in order to determine solutions that work best to fit his clients' needs.

When he is not working, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.  Bryan loves the outdoors and likes spending time hiking, boating, and fishing. Bryan is also a big College football and College lacrosse fan and enjoys attending games with family and friends.

Bryan has spent decades serving his community in both volunteer and professional capacities.  He has been an active member of a volunteer fire company for over 10 years, and is medically retired from roles as both a professional police officer and a member of the Army National Guard.

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